What we are doing to keep our children and staff safe

Diverse Kindergarten

​The health and safety of the children in our care have always been at the forefront of our program.  With The onset of Covid-19, our staff have amplified our daily mission to keep our students and their families healthy. We have implemented the latest CDC guidelines and recommendation protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our facility.  We have several safety measures in place to help identify any potential illness within a student or staff member.  Here at Bright Stars, we believe in clear communication and transparency during this unprecedented time. If you have more questions about this concern, please feel free to ask.

  • Health check:

    • Upon arriving temperatures are checked along side checks for other symptoms of not just Covid-19 but all illnesses.

  • Face coverings:

    • Masks for all children above 2.5 years. Recommended for children above 2 years as well.

    • All staff wear masks. Face shields are provided.

  • Visitor policy:

    • No parents allowed inside classrooms. We also do not conduct any tours when children are present.

  • Prevent contamination:

    • Outside shoes not used inside to prevent contamination.

    • Children have their own sensory trays for playdough and sand activities.

  • Cleaning:​

    • More frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of high tough areas.​

    • Use new CDC recommended bleach concentrations for disinfecting.