What we are doing to keep our children and staff safe

  • Health check:

    • Upon arriving temperatures are checked along side checks for other symptoms of not just Covid-19 but all illnesses.

  • Face coverings:

    • Masks for all children above 2.5 years. Recommended for children above 2 years as well.

    • All staff wear masks. Face shields are provided.

  • Visitor policy:

    • No parents allowed inside classrooms. We also do not conduct any tours when children are present.

  • Prevent contamination:

    • Outside shoes not used inside to prevent contamination.

    • Children have their own sensory trays for playdough and sand activities.

  • Cleaning:​

    • More frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of high tough areas.​

    • Use new CDC recommended bleach concentrations for disinfecting.

Diverse Kindergarten